Frameless glass stacking doors

Four Frameless glass applications that make a home or office fabulous!

As most construction industry participants know, frameless glass is all the rage at the moment and this is a great alternative to offer your clients both in the residential and commercial sectors. The beauty of sheer glass unhindered by unnecessary frames has a magic all of its own and has to be seen in the right applications to be truly appreciated.

There are four Frameless glass applications that make a home or office fabulous – and these are…

Frameless glass shower doors

Not only do frameless glass shower doors look magnificent giving the shower a much more open look, with a sense of style that can’t be achieved with other types of doors, but there are practical reasons too that they are a preferred option for discerning Architects builders and Interior Designers. 

They come in a variety of sizes giving you more options when it comes to the design of the shower area and this tends to make the whole bathroom area look larger. They are easier to clean and maintain as it is only the glass that needs cleaning, and there are fewer dirt catchment areas. Because of this, there is less space for mould and mildew to be captured.

Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades are the epitome of practicality meeting sheer beauty in an incomparable coupling of aesthetic beauty and protective function. Superb when wending their way up a staircase or creating a sheer frontage to a patio or balcony, their many benefits give them a distinct advantage.

Whilst offering total protection against falling they also elevate the look of a room and create a wonderful illusion of space when used on what can often be very cramped looking areas. Also easy to clean and maintain, they allow more light to flow and offer a minimalistic, yet modern, look to every interior.

Frameless glass sliding systems 

So popular are these sliding Frameless glass systems amongst Designers in the USA that our entire range is named after America’s most trendy areas like Manhattan in New York, and Cleveland in Ohio!

Slim-framed aluminium sliding doors can be frameless thanks to the various methods with which they can be installed. One of these is recessing the frame into the wall to conceal it, leaving just the door panel visible and resulting in an almost frameless look. These sliding applications are also popular because of their very thin sightlines.

Frameless glass office/shop fronts

If you want the look of your offices or shop fronts to be as transparent as the way you do business, you can do no better than to open the world to your workplace or store with the world’s most trendy office and shop fronts.

With all the benefits of our other Frameless glass hardware applications, these come in a wide range of products and all the necessary hardware fittings and fixtures to ensure a perfect installation every time!

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