reasons to install frameless glass doors

Great reasons to install Frameless Glass Doors – part 1

Frameless glass applications, the most popular of which are Frameless Glass Doors of many types, have already become the preferred choice amongst Builders, Architects and Designers partly because of their beauty and because of the unique feel they create in any room.

There are also many practical reasons to install such doors and in this article, we would like to point out a few of them. You don’t have to entirely take our word for it though. There is an excellent online publication ‘Housance’ which gives people good insights into what’s happening in the creative and ever-changing world of home design, gardening, lifestyle and beauty.

As they say themselves ‘’One of our missions is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.’’

Great reasons to fit Frameless Glass Doors!

In one of their articles, they spoke specifically about a few great reasons to fit Frameless Glass Doors and we thought that we would just share with you some of what this objective, authoritative party had to say on the matter…

Frameless is fabulous

An entirely different look is achieved when removing sometimes ugly frames from glass doors and other forms of frameless glass too. As the article says ‘’Unlike the frame doors for bathrooms, frameless options provide a seamless look. The absence of metal and rubber framing makes the doors stand out from other options. Such a feature gives them luxurious aesthetics for decorating bathrooms.’’

Great value is added to the home

So unique and special is the addition of Frameless Glass Doors in a home or office, giving such a feeling of not only spaciousness but ‘sheer’’ (excuse the pun) luxury, that great value is added to any property in which this type of glass fittings are utilised.

Long life span 

Corrosion of the frame itself is a common problem with ordinary framed doors and this is eliminated with frameless doors. Glass itself has a limitless lifespan and so being corrosion free makes frameless glass doors an economically advantageous long term prospect! Another point made in the article was that ‘’Corroded shower doors also decline the bathroom appeal. Lack of rust maintains the new appeal of bathrooms for years.’’

Consult the experts 

The are many more great reasons to install Frameless Glass Doors – so watch this space for part 2. In the interim why not talk to the friendly sales and service people at Premier Hardware. We are based in Brackenfell in the Western Cape but have a national footprint so you can pop in and see us or catch our great product range online! 

On a mission to become exactly what our name implies, we constantly endeavour to (and succeed in) being the premier architectural glass hardware supplier in South Africa. You can rest assured, therefore, that when you deal with us – you deal with the best! We look forward to doing business with you.


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