Why Frameless glass is the preferred choice of Architects and Designers

An interesting report carried out a few years ago – The 2018 UN World Urbanization Prospects Report – revealed some pretty shocking statistics. It is estimated that by 2050, a whopping 6.66 billion people will have migrated to, and would be needing accommodation in, cities and urban areas around the globe. The big question, therefore, is how are we going to make this possible?


Well, there is only so much land so standard living space is going to shrink and the design of apartments and offices will need a drastic change. The large spacious rooms with enclosed walls of today will become a thing of the past and one of the solutions to creating what at least feels like un-cramped, functional and beautiful to look at spaces will be the use of frameless glass.  


Frameless glass will become one of the most sought after materials and will be the common mandate and preferred choice of Architects and designers alike. As one Designer commented ‘’It has a unique quality in that it creates the illusion of space when there isn’t any!’’ 


Sounds like an invaluable commodity to Builders, Architects and Designers of the future, but it is already being deployed today in many applications, particularly in urban areas where space is at a premium. It can be used both in and outdoors, so let’s take a look at how and why frameless glass is the preferred choice of Architects and Designers…




Kitchens – We spend a lot of time there and newly designed homes use frameless glass to create a flow between this and other rooms, but still keep out steam and odour.  


Bathrooms – Incredibly functional and beautiful frosted frameless glass shower doors make the smallest room of the house look spacious and elegant! Frosted frameless glass eliminates the feeling of claustrophobia in this and other very small rooms but maintains privacy.


Balustrades – Glazed balustrades for interior staircases have thankfully replaced the stuffy stairwells we have experienced in the past.


Doors and walls – Cupboard doors or entrances to walk-in closets, sections of flooring and walls throughout the home are all applications of frameless glass. When doors and walls are frameless they have a feeling of simply not being there!




There is nothing more stunning to look at, more elegant and more functional than frameless glass handrails on balconies. Frameless glass is as hard-wearing, eco-friendly and more attractive than any other choice when used in this application and this is one of the reasons that it is the first choice for Architects and Designers.


Because of its safety aspect, it is also used now as an alternative, but far more appealing one, for pool fencing and obviously wooden deck handrails too.


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