Great reasons to install Frameless Glass Doors – part 2

This is the second article in our 2 part series on great reasons to install Frameless Glass Doors. In the first article we mentioned that Frameless Glass doors are absolutely fabulous to look at and therefore a great feature regardless of what your décor style may be. 

Secondly, so unique and different are these doors that they can add significant value to your home or offices, and we also mentioned that because they have no frames they are not subject to corrosion and therefore have a very long lifespan. In this article we look at a few more great reasons to install Frameless Glass doors, so do read on…

A Designer’s dream

So different are frameless doors in terms of design that they are generally chosen by Architects and Designers to give your home or offices a unique look and feel. No metal or rubber framing makes them stand out, sheer, seamless and magnificent. In bathrooms in particular they are unique and stylish and so the installation of Frameless Glass doors is the essence of enhancing the bathroom décor style.

Custom made

Let’s face it if you are going to go for the best then you would naturally opt for it to be exactly as you want it. This is one of the greatest features of the Frameless Glass doors – they can be customised to exactly suit your specifications and preferences. 

Another practical factor is that traditional bathroom doors only come in standard sizes, so if they don’t fit exactly you can have water leaks and other potential risks like mould. Customising means exact fitting to eliminate any such problems. A word of caution though – get an experienced professional supplier of Frameless Glass products to do this customisation for you!

Space is everything! 

In a world where space is paramount and getting more so every day, Designers and Architects look for interior products that create a look and feel of space. Maximising space is essential. For this reason, Frameless Glass doors are available as sliders as well, but regardless of the functional aspect, there is something about frameless that just seems to add an additional element of space.

Particularly in the case of very small rooms like bathrooms, these Frameless Glass shower doors can add an important element to making it look bigger. Just a word of advice on this from a design expert ‘’The look and design of the glass will determine whether the bathroom space looks larger. One should choose a door with transparent glass. Translucent or opaque glass creates a closed feeling, making the bathroom look much smaller.’’

The Frameless Glass hardware experts 

Premier Hardware is not only a premier supplier of Frameless Glassware of all kinds, from doors to balustrades, walls etc. but also a supplier of the specialist hardware that is required for the fitting of such products.

Our four cornerstones of excellence include the supply of only premier quality architectural glass hardware; the most comprehensive range of glass hardware to suit every need; a highly experienced team that offers premier technical knowledge and advice and only the highest levels of service.

If you are now convinced that there are many great reasons to install Frameless Glass doors, talk to us today about your Frameless Glass requirements – We are always standing by to help! 


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